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Manish Institute of Management

Life at MIM, makes a great place to be in, is the student-run breadth of activities that it encompasses. The students organize an assortment of events like:

Great ways for those that don't like to read or attend the classes to improve their knowledge of a specific subject.

  • Aarth 2008 was organized for the first time by the institute and we got overwhelming response from institutes from all over Gujarat. There were total of twelve events namely, there were two types events formal & informal. Total number of participants was more than 450.

    Arth 2009, first of all we changed the way we spelled ‘Aarth' in 2008, we changed it to ‘Arth'. In Arth-2009 we got very good response from the colleges of all over Gujarat and the number of students participating was more than 650.

Arth 2012, There were total of twelve events namely, there were two types events formal & informal.

National Conference

Series of National conference conducted at our Institute:

National Conference 2008 was the first of the regional foundation conference in the North Gujarat Region on "Globalized World and Emerging Business Issues" , organized by our institute, held on March 9, 2008. There were over 130 registrations (other than our students and faculty members) from states in the sub-region, which includes representing, institutional leaders, researchers, professional practicing delegates, as well as the civil society.

National Conference 2009 was a second consecutive conference titled "Emerging Management Paradigms in Transforming Business World" , organized by our institute, held on March 16, 2009, more than 180 registrations (other than our students and faculty members) from various states, including professional delegates, management teachers, researchers, consultants, management students as well as the people from aroung area. this conference deliberated to absorb the participants about the recent transformations and its impact on the business landscape.

Days Celebration & sports activities 27 th January to 30 th January


Total No. of Participants


Udaan-2016 Quiz Competition


First Prize



1 st – MCA

2 nd - MCA

Salad Making


1 st - MCA

2 nd – MAM

(Riddhi Patel & Archana Patel)

One Min Game

50 approx.


Sack Race

36 approx.


Lemon Spoon race

32 approx.


Seminar (Social Awareness)

80 approx.



50 approx.

1 st - Shah Parth (Captain MAM)

2 nd - Bhavsar Jigar (Captain MBA)


35 approx.

1 st - Thakor Bharat (Captain-MBA)

2 nd - Sindhi Parth (Captain- MAM) 



1 st – MCA

2 nd – Bhavsar Jigar, MBA

Housie game

50 approx

1 st – Sagar Kalwani, MAM

2 nd - Patel Darshini, MAM

3 rd – Lakhan Thakor, MAM

Overall - Patel Bhavesh, MCA



1 st - Patel Jayshree, MCA

2 nd - Parmar Rinku, MCA

One Day Picnic –POLO forest



Blossoms to organized by senior students to wel-come new comers. Prize & awards are given to past batch a performer student which includes ranker, attendance, walentaries. Here, Informal events and cultural competitions also took place. It was assortment of senior & junior students where they came across to each other & enjoyed lot.

  • Fare-Well function by junior students to mark of best wishes and good luck to senior students with cultural and entertainment programs. These activities provide ample opportunities for the students to develop their management skill and to encourage an exchange of ideas.

  • Alumni Meet by past students plan for institute brand building measures outside the campus. They also act as mentors for the present students and give them career guidance.

  • Industry-forums provides students to interact and learn from various industry representatives. The attempt is to make the institute more industry focused and to better prepare potential managers to face contemporary challenges in the corporate world. In addition to serving as a great source of learning for the students, the Forums attempts to help enhance the visibility of the companies on campus as well as of the institute in the industries.

  • Cultural & Sports week allows students to portray different dimensions of Indian cultures. During sports week boys and girls participate in the various games like cricket, volley-ball, badminton, Table tenis, kho-kho, chess, carom etc.

  • Industrial tours gives them an exposure to industrial and corporate environment