Faculty of Management Studies
Manish Institute of Management



  • To maintain and increase the interaction between the Alumni and Industry, Alumni and Faculty, Faculty and Industry and amongst the Alumni.
  • To help the alumni keep in touch with the existing batch of Students and with other similar professional associations in the country as well as abroad.
  • To assist in placement of students in the Industry.
  • To promote thinking on contemporary issues in management.
  • To provide input in the formation and updating of the course curriculum of the institute, its programs and it's other activities.

Alumni Association

In 2002 a group of alumni set up the Alumni Association. Since then, all our members have worked on a voluntary basis to fulfill a  mission  based on MIM  values .

All the Association's activities are run through this network and may be onsite, on campus and anywhere in the world, or online due to our presence in major social networks and virtual community.


Our mission is to develop relations between all members of the MIM community, promote continuing education and create opportunities for networking, employment and business for all our members.


The cornerstones that support the activities of the Alumni Association and its clubs are the values defined and instilled by MIM in the fabric of its day-day activities.

Diversity:  We respect and are proud of the diversity of the members of our community, students, alumni, faculty and staff. They can all express themselves freely. We do not discriminate on grounds of race or ethnicity, color, culture, nationality, religion, sexual orientation or age. One of the Alumni Association's objectives is to build and maintain an appropriate environment for the free exchange of ideas.

Innovation:  Innovation is a key factor when tackling any type of activity. Pioneering and creative thinking is essential to meet the demands of a changing and uncertain world.

Excellence:  Excellence is not just an achievement for IE and its entire community. It is also an attitude that leads to the pursuit of continuous improvement on a daily basis..

Corporate responsibility:  As an institution that trains the leaders of the future, MIM has assumed a commitment to society to promote sustainable development and the conservation of natural resources. It also considers people to be the main asset of any organization.

Entrepreneurship:  Entrepreneurship is the lifeblood of the MIM community. It is not only about setting up companies to drive progress and wellbeing. It is also about fostering the continuous creation of value on both a personal and professional level.

Humanities:  The inclusion of humanities in all MIM program curricula means students learn to analyze the world from a broader and deeper perspective, think critically, make a distinction between the essential and the trivial, develop empirical reasoning and express themselves clearly by linking ideas creatively. This is why the Association includes a humanistic approach to the continuous learning it offers.


•  As a global organization the Alumni Association's main objective is to expand worldwide in line with MIM's core values.

•  We strive to ensure that MIM's mission and values are upheld by present and future generations of students, alumni, faculty and staff.

•  We run activities and forge links that enhance the network made up of the entire MIM community through events on campus, off-site or online.

Board of directors

•  President : Mr. Jigar Vora

•  General Secretary and treasurer : Ms.Kaumudi Upadhyay

•  Members

All the students passed from Manish Institute of Management (Formerly known as Nootan Sarva Vidyalaya Kelavani Mandal Sanchalit MBA College) is members of this association.

President's Message

Our Alma Mater completes 10 years on 21 st August 2011. Looking back, we see with pride the jewels who went through the portals of this great institute – alumni who have spread to the corners of the globe, teachers/professors, leaders in technologies and sciences in fields unknown to most, leaders in management of private, public and Government organizations, entrepreneurs, authors, leaders in spirituality, lawyers, film makers, singers and musicians, venture capitalists and what have you; winners of the most prestigious awards, nationally and internationally. Could any founder have asked for more?

With 700 alumni, growing at over 120 per year, we need to expand our vision. 1+1 is not 2 but 11 and 1-1 is not zero but –ve. The Japanese are a great example of the success of team-work.  Collectively which problem before this great Nation and the World, can we not solve? In the Global order, India is emerging as a formidable player; amongst the top few in the World. Our alumni should help to hasten this process; through our collective synergies not only make it be there but sustain and nurture it. In this special year, let us pledge to make this happen - THINK BIG.

We need to become a major player in developing/fostering technologies resulting in inclusive growth of the poorest Indian. Service to Man is Service to God. With the increasing disparity, we are sitting on a time bomb. In our interest and that of future generations we need to solve this problem urgently by bridging the mismatch of resources – People with ideas, without resources, and people with resources but no solutions. 

With your cooperation, the Association can bring out a comprehensive publication to highlight special achievements of alumni. Kindly help update the data on the web-site and provide highlights of your career.

Warm Regards,

MIM Alumni Association